AST 1512 - 1.4 Billion Sun Power

Chapter 1512 - 1.4 Billion Sun Power

Qing Shui went blank for a bit, what is this power, after undergoing metamorphosis once it changed this much, becoming a butterfly, this is a demonstration of the strength of metamorphosis.

The Gold-Back Dragon Elephant, having gone under the effects of those treasures, already reached 1.4 billion Sun in power...

Qing Shui still couldn’t believe it. Previously, the Gold-Back Dragon Elephant couldn’t even compare to him, with the Metamorphosis Pill and the Diamond Fruit causing such a change, this Metamorphosis could be counted as the most complete/extreme transformation possible.

The Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant’s power had increased this much, but it’s raw strength didn’t improve by nearly as much. It seemed that it could give Qing Shui about 700 sun raw strength.

Or perhaps there was an alternative, because the feedback right now was twofold, but sometimes that couldn’t be achieved, and at others it exceeded that.

Qing Shui wasn’t rushed to train this feedback, and checked the other Demonic Beasts first.

The Dragon Slaying Beast didn’t change much, its power increased by a few times, but even though its power wasn’t its strong suit, it still got close to 8 million ...

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