AST 1507 - Two Years Later, A Spirit Fish

1507 - Two Years Later, A Spirit Fish

Sometimes, oblivion truly is bliss. Up till now, Qing Shui still couldn’t understand the logic of some old freaks within these well-known clans. To them, affection seemed to have thinned. 

While we found it difficult to abandon family, close relatives or the society, others reached some sort of epiphany and saw through the shallowness of things. Suddenly, that way of thinking transcended the comfort that they had lived in before and what used to be valuable to them no longer felt the same way. Thus they found it easy to let go.

Qing Shui could not do that now. He acknowledged that he was a mediocre person, and was willing to remain this way for the rest of time. He did not like such cold-bloodedness or fickleness. That wouldn’t give him a sense of being.

"See that forest in the North? I will wait for you there!" The old man’s voice rang out again, but only Qing Shui could hear it this time.

With a flash of a movement, Qing Shui disappeared from where he stood. He was excited because he had reached a new level, and could sense that the elderly should be powerful.

"Where’s Miraculous Physician Qing? Why did he disappear when he had won?"

"He probably left. There was no need for him to wait around."


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