AST 1506 - Thunderous Beast’s Tyranny, Kill the Patriarch in Red

AST 1506 - Thunderous Beast’s Tyranny, Kill the Patriarch in Red

Everything was happening at an unbelievable speed. In fact, there was not a whisper of a sound when the Golden Battle Halberd spilled the blood of its foe. 

The silence was deafening; no one had expected Qing Shui to behead the old man. The other two elderly who were in the midst of hunting down the Dragon Slaying Beast and Hell Nightmare Beast were left in a fluster by the delicacy of their situation. Dragon Slaying Beast had torn off a chunk of meat on one of the old men’s arm, nearly killing them as well.

The Dragon Slaying Beast was sharp, especially towards beasts with dragon’s blood flowing in their veins. Still, it had a weakness; for beasts which were much slower, the Dragon Slaying Beast was more than capable of eliminating them in an instant. However, for those that could match its speed or surpassed it, or even if they were just a tad slower, the Dragon Slaying Beast would have to resort to cooperating with another person or beast to kill them. 

What the Dragon Slaying Beast relied on was its speed but its power was limited at this moment. Without comparable speed to the old men of such level, it could only remain passive, waiting for the right moment to strike its fatal blow. 

The pressure that Qing Shui felt reduced significantly after killing that old man. His...

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