AST 1505 - One Against Four, Red-Robed Old Man, Kill

AST 1505 - One Against Four, Red-Robed Old Man, Kill

Qing Shui stood in the air. Below was a jumble of chaos. He was waiting, waiting for the Se Clan to send their last member. But when the last member of Se Clan was sent out, the spectators below were all stunned for a moment before they started cursing.

The Se Clan actually sent out four people for the third and final round…

“The Se Clan is too shameless. Why don’t they just sent the entire clan up?”

“That’s right. It was fine that they fought him by taking turns. Yet now at the last round, they actually so openly sent a team of four up there?”

“You can’t put it this way, before this the rules didn’t state that it should be one against one. The Imperial Cuisine Hall can jolly well sent up a few more experts if they want to.”

“What do you mean the rules didn’t state? You think the miraculous doctor really don’t have any backup to call for? If he wanted to, it’s too easy for him to summon a number of experts.”


Actually, the Se Clan’s decision made Qing Shui surprised as well. They actually sent up four experts in such a brazen manner. However, he wasn’t worried as he stared at these four old man.

These four old men all looked extremely calm, their state of hearts unaffected by the discussion earlier. When they stood before...

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