AST 1504 - Won Two Victories, Trepidation

Chapter 1504 - Won Two Victories, Trepidation

This two weapons were extremely strong, Qing Shui could sense an ancient aura filled with intense killing intent radiating from then. Most probably, these twin hammers were stained with the blood of many.

The two Goldrock Beasts were also variant-types from ancient times. The length of their bodies exceeded 200 metres and their entire body gleamed golden while exuding a malevolent and baleful aura.

Qing Shui felt that the old man’s strength have already exceed him by about one-fold. At the very least, the old man’s power should have reached 400 million sun. Even for Qing Shui, it was enough to make him take this more seriously.

Phoenix Battle Intent!

Battle God Halo!

Heavenly Talisman!

Instantly, his power boosted up, reaching same levels as the old man. However, Qing Shui hadn’t weaken his opponent’s strength yet. Also, Qing Shui’s strength was in his defence complementing the Golden Battle Halberd.

Roaming Dragon Steps!

Qing Shui stepped the Nine Palace Positionings, using the Roaming Dragon Step to dash to that old man. That old man instantly waved his twin hammers and also rushed towards Qing Shui.


A crisp sound rang out endlessly, Qing Shui depended on his movement techniques and fearsome speed...

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