AST 1502 - The Inheritance of Lan Lingfeng, Silver Wolf Wargod

Chapter 1502 - The Inheritance of Lan Lingfeng, Silver Wolf Wargod

Qing Shui displayed high self-confidence at the moment, even Lan Lingfeng with his illusion of bravery had to reexamine Qing Shui.

At this time everyone that was around was shocked, and for a time it became very quiet. People that were watching were ready to run at any time, after all, they are waiting for the fall of the Imperial Cuisine Hall to run out, while some have already begun to do so.

 “No wonder he can fight against the Se Clan, I really do not know whether you are ignorant or what you are relying on. You can either come with me and fight, or else I cannot guarantee that the Imperial Cuisine Hall will remain intact.' Lan Lingfeng said, unable to back down.

But at this time Ziche Sha walked in and stood beside Qing Shui, and said while looking at Lan Lingfeng: Can you leave, I have already said many times that I don’t like you.'

“Why, am I not good? Why can't you give me a chance? Tell me where I am lacking, and I will change it.” Lan Lingfeng in front of Ziche Sha went from loftiness to a little sheep.

"Emotional things...

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