AST 1501 - The Arrival of Linhai City’s Number One Son

Chapter 1501 - The Arrival of Linhai City’s Number One Son

Ziche Sha was relieved, she was completely relaxed as she looked at Qing Shui and suddenly found that her relationship with this man was much more cordial than before, more intimate even.

She has never gotten close to a man before but did not expect to be so confused with this man, and she knew from her own experiences, that children of large clans were not able to freely choose who to marry, but her father has never requested such a thing of her before.

The Ziche Clan was very powerful, so they did not need to make marriage ties like other families, the odds of her marrying like a normal was very high, and she was also the city’s number one beauty.

She knew of her own experiences, knowing that what her father has accomplished with his strength was very rare, because of this, such talent and youth from a doctor created some friction.

The mind of women is very marvellous, and sometimes in a matter of a moment they can instantly change their minds, perhaps it’s due to the lack of contact, but among martial practitioners there was a lack of intimate...

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