AST 1500 - No mercy, Three day battle agreement, Ziche Sha’s arrival

Chapter 1500 - No mercy, Three day battle agreement, Ziche Sha’s arrival

The atmosphere instantly became very delicate, Qing Shui did not regret his decision, nor did he do it out of impulse, he had arrived in Linhai City for a while now, having helped a few major clans quite a bit, the common folk having experienced boundless amounts of his aid.

Qing Shui’s reputation as a kind doctor resounded throughout the area, to the point where some clans wished Qing Shui would have matters for others to settle, to allow them to help out and get Qing Shui to owe them favours, after all, a favour from a strong doctor could save a few, or even more lives.

Everyone knew that debts of gratitude were the hardest to repay!

“Since matters have already reached this stage, our Se Clan will issue a challenge letter, do you accept?” The old man who first entered hardened his expression as he said.

Qing Shui finally took a serious look at this old man, he was still a careful old man, still able to think about preventing the Se Clan from being washed up by waves of conflict.

Challenge letter, Life and Death battle, all would not bring calamity upon their clan, so long as Qing Shui accepted, no one would lose...

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