Chapter 150 Fight! Decide the Marriage!.

Chapter 150 Fight! Decide the Marriage!.

Chapter 0150 – Fight! Decide the Marriage!

“Haha, your Situ clan really won’t need to raise your head after today!” Qing Shui smiled and said calmly. His voice was not loud, but it was clear and spread to the ears of everyone surround him.

The sound of discussion around them grew even louder!

“Qing Shui is a Xiantian cultivator, but who is this old man from the Situ Clan? Is he also a Xiantian cultivator? How can he be so aggressive?”

“I don’t think you would know this, but he is Situ Jianyi from the Situ clan. He’s Situ Nantian’s grandfather. He has been a Xiantian cultivator for more than thirty years. How can Qing Shui, who has just reached the Xiantian realm compare to him!” A formidable middle-aged man said, pleased with himself.

“Big sister, do you think big brother Shui can win against this bad old man?” A cute little girl said miserably to the tall and beautiful woman next to her.

“He can, Yaya, don’t you want big brother...

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