AST 1499 - Yu Niang was hit, Se Clan, Irreconcilable

Chapter 1499 - Yu Niang was hit, Se Clan, Irreconcilable

Qing Shui actually felt slightly depressed, how did the situation develop so poorly, he might as well not collect the reward, so he left first, allowing the situation to de-escalate before he came back for it.


Returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall in the afternoon, Xue Nuo saw that Qing Shui had returned, smiled as she walked up and asked: “ How was it, brother-in-law?”

“It was good, there’s no disease in the world that your brother-in-law can’t cure.” QIng Shui also felt like he was accustomed to the identity of being this brother-in-law.

“You are still so braggadocious, but at least you are more handsome than other braggarts.” Xue Nuo laughed clearly before leaving.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, really? He shook his head and then started laughing as well.

The little brat was also here, when Xue Nuo left she left the little brat over here, so Qing Shui started to play with her.

Not long after this, Xue Nuo ran in in a hurry, only saying one sentence upon seeing Qing Shui, which ignited a fire under Qing Shui.

“Yu Niang was hit by someone!”

Yu Niang was that lady, the little brat’s mom, she was the virtuous mother of the four children, Qing Shui’s face turned da...

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