AST 1497 - Ziche Clan, Linhai major clans, Ziche Sha

Chapter 1497 - Ziche Clan, Linhai major clans, Ziche Sha

A middle-aged man was already standing in the guest hall, he was stalwart, with a modest expression, seeing Qing Shui, that immediately broke up into a amicable smile as he hurriedly walked over: “Truly befitting of the term ‘promising young man’, to think that Miraculous Physician Qing was actually this young.”

“I am flattered, you are?”Qing Shui greeted the man with a smile.

“I’ve even forgotten to introduce myself, I am Ziche Yu, I’ve come here today to seek Miraculous Physician Qing’s aid with treating a disease, would Miraculous Physician Qing have the time?” The man courteously asked.

Qing Shui was shocked upon seeing the man, as to find a man of his strength, middle-aged looking, though his age was age would not be small, it wouldn’t be very large either, yet his strength was exceptional, reaching about a hundred million Yang of strength.

Ziche Yu was equally shocked, as he could not sense Qing Shui’s strength, Qing Shui’s strength was purely a mystery to him, as it was not very strong, as if he did not have any cultivation at all, but he felt like Qing Shui was fathomless.

“Could you describe the...

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