AST 1496 - Hua Clan is unwilling, Ziche Clan, Lan Clan

AST 1496 - Hua Clan is unwilling, Ziche Clan, Lan Clan

It was actually a Treasure map. Qing Shui was stunned for a moment, before turning to Xiyue Kun. Treasure maps in the Nine Continents were extremely mystical, if you had the map, the treasure would not be lost, as one needed to find the treasury to be able to locate the treasure.

Since the treasury was still intact, then it meant that the treasure within were untouched, but what puzzled Qing Shui was that under normal circumstances, there would be no samaritans who would obediently give up treasure maps, as upon obtaining these maps they would go ahead and collect the treasure. Qing Shui felt that it was dubious that the treasure map was recently discovered and an expedition had yet to be organized.

Noticing the puzzling look in Qing Shui’s gaze, Xiyue Lun smilingly proclaimed: “ We do know the location that this treasure map is pointing to, but are washing our hands off this business as it is too dangerous and risky. You are different from us, we cannot work with others on this. Though the Xiyue Clan is decent in Linhai City, we have very few capable people, so if exposed, we might have to pay for carrying jade, losing far more than we would gain. As for you, as a Miraculous Physician, I believe...

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