AST 1495 - A Treasure Map

Chapter 1495 - A Treasure Map

The Xiyue Clan was also located at Linhai Street. It was just that the distance to get there was a little further. This distance couldn’t really be considered anything to stellar martial cultivators, and it took roughly about an hour of time.

For this month, this was already the third time Qing Shui personally acted. For the first two, his patients were ordinary people. One case was a single mom whose husband died early. She brought up the four kids and was so fatigued that she fell sick. The oldest child was merely eight and the youngest was two.

Not only did Qing Shui cure them, he invited them to stay here. The woman was a virtuous wife, and for her to feel more at ease in her heart, he asked her for help to prepare the Jade Buns whenever...

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