AST 1493 - Day One: Settling down and recruiting doctors

Chapter 1493 - Day One: Settling down and recruiting doctors

Qing Shui stayed quiet, brushed off the dust on his clothes, and stood up. He did not want to get into too much trouble with the Hua Clan, because they were going to stay here for quite some time. Even if they did manage to triumph over the Hua Clan somehow, the other clans in the city would not be happy either, since insular people normally disliked outsiders. 

A few more men from the Hua Clan arrived at the scene and carried the young master away, whereas Qing Shui's group followed the old man to a huge estate some distance away. 

Qing Shui was not sure if the street the old man brought them to was the best, but out of the thousands of other estates, the one they were heading towards seemed to be the best. He believed that the Hua Clan would not trick them, because it would be obvious if they did. 

"Is this villa to your liking, mister?" The old man said courteously. 

Giving away a villa was nothing big for a strong...

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