AST 1492 - Oblivious to Death; Escorted to the Manor

Chapter 1492 - Oblivious to Death; Escorted to the Manor

This guy sure was fearless to be picking a fight with Qing Shui. Even though they were in the great and strong Linhai City, Qing Shui had the right to be arrogant, for even the strongest warriors of the Ice Domain Dynasty would not pick a fight with him. 

The profligate brat in front of him was not even worth his time. These profligate sons must have been spoiled at home, otherwise they would not have become such wastrels. But there was no way that the strongest in the family was the one spoiling them. 

It was common for profligate sons to pick on commoners or on weaker clans. One had to consider the powers behind them despite their heinous behavior. However, when they got into trouble with stronger clans or strong forces, the higher-ups in their clan would not even give a second thought about sacrificing them. 

Qing Shui looked at the arrogant youngster, smiled indifferently and sneered, "What are you barking at huh, even when your Master has yet to say anything?" 

", Young Master, I'll slaughter him for opposing you." The young man said to Hua Ershao...

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