AST 1485 - Xue Clan, Yulang Street Dueling Platform, Small Building

Chapter 1485 - Xue Clan, Yulang Street Dueling Platform, Small Building

The taking of his pulse took a good fifteen minutes. Qing Shui did not disturb her. Instead, he felt a swelling of glee; if she had taken only a short while, Qing Shui would have been able to determine her skills right away. Patience for a physician was crucial, as was conscientiousness; as physicians, they must thoroughly understand the patient’s symptoms.

After a long while, Ling Fei retracted her hand, her voice laced with a hint of embarrassment. "Little brother has an Extreme Yang Body. Apart from that, there was really nothing much I could sense, not the slightest symptom.”

"That’s enough. Sister-in-law's knowledge in medicine is still great. I know a little about it as well. How about this? Let’s open a clinic in Great Xia City. If it works out, we will try this route. If not, we’ll change our profession." Qing Shui had initially attempted to change the nickname given by the woman; he felt uneasy being called little brother. Alas, his efforts were futile, so he might as well allow her to carry on with it.

The training of that woman lay in her Charm Art but she was Yin Tong's woman, so Qing Shui would never possess any inappropriate thoughts towards her. She was also virtuous. In her eyes, Qing Shui was really like a little brother.

"Have you heard? The lady from...

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