AST 1483 - Ice Domain Dynasty, Tree Deity Dynasty, False God’s Strength

Chapter 1483 - Ice Domain Dynasty, Tree Deity Dynasty, False God’s Strength

Three days passed by in a flash and the Yin Clan’s grand marriage ceremony had likewise concluded. Through the last deed by Yin Tong during those past three days, he had guaranteed the survival of the Yin Clan in this area.

What a coincidence this trip had been, Qing Shui thought. As it stood, the area was already formidable in comparison; they had the cultivation realm of Martial Emperor in existence after all. In the Haohan Continent, an Unrivalled level was enough symbolism of an especially powerful region.

[ Great Xia Dynasty ]

This was the Great Xia Dynasty’s Great Xia Country. While it was nothing like the capital, it was still considered a second-tier city. Above it was first-tier cities and the Capital City; within the Great Xia Dynasty, there were numerous regions that were stronger than the Great Xia Country.

The Great Xia Dynasty had a huge territory, yet such a dynasty within the Haohan Continent was nothing significant, like a mere droplet in the infinite ocean. Still, for the Great Xia Dynasty’s continued legacy to have lasted this long within the Haohan Continent, there must have been a good reason.

Qing Shui stayed there for three days under a façade of calmness...

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