AST 1480 - Facade, A vixen-like woman

AST 1480 - Facade, A vixen-like woman

“Sir, sorry for this. We need to check your invitation, so please forgive us for the rude treatment.” The man eventually still decided to do a check.

“Are you suspecting me?” Qing Shui purposely raised his voice.

“No, no. Sir, please don’t misunderstand.” The man hurriedly explained.

“The third young master of the Ying Clan is getting married. I’ve received an invitation yet I am actually suspected by others? Since this is the case, I might as well leave. If there are any problems, you shoulder the responsibility yourself.” After speaking, Qing Shui instantly turned and left.

“Sir wait! It’s my mistake. Please accept my apology, and please enter the residence.” The man hurriedly ran to catch up to Qing Shui and politely usher him into the residence.

Qing Shui didn’t even glance at the man and he directly walked inside. He knew that this man couldn’t afford to gamble. Furthermore, a wedding was an auspicious and happy thing, so he couldn’t afford to suffer an important guest’s displeasure.

The courtyard of the Ying Clan was very large and split into several smaller yards. Decorations for this joyous occasion could be seen everywhere and there was already a flood of people here. 

For weddings in the continents, people were used...

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