AST 1477 - Powerful, Increase in Strength, Plans

Chapter 1477 - Powerful, Increase in Strength, Plans

Although he wasn’t surprised by being able to connect the ninth meridian, as it was within his expectations, the increase in strength truly surprised him. He could feel that his strength had increased a lot, and his raw strength should have reached around 4,000 sun.

Initially, his raw strength was about 3,300 sun, which had increased quite a lot during this period of time. Because Qing Shui’s elevation in strength resulted from special means, he considered solidifying his foundation during cultivation as an extremely important matter. 

Now that his raw strength reached 4,000 sun, the power he could unleash reached around 160 million sun. This increase in strength could be called heaven-defying. After all, given his current level, it wasn’t realistic to expect such a large increase in strength.

This was the benefit of connecting the ninth heavenly meridian. Initially, after the eighth meridian was connected, the benefit he received was already very great. But who would have thought that the truly terrifying rise in power would be after connecting the ninth heavenly meridian?

He didn’t know if the future sets of meridians would also give such godly improvement after becoming connected. But leaving aside that, after...

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