AST 1473 - Slaughter, Refining Demons, Hell Nightmare Beast

Chapter 1473 - Slaughter, Refining Demons, Hell Nightmare Beast

Surprisingly, the man actually said something like this without taking into consideration his own identity. Qing Shui hated people who went back on their words more than anything. Naturally, by now, the intention to hold back was long gone from his mind.

Violet Lightning Strike! Violet Lightning Strike!

Qing Shui immediately ordered the Thunderous Beast to unleash its Violet Lightning Strike. The time interval in which each strike was unleashed was calculated meticulously. This was one of Qing Shui’s formidable sure-kill moves. By now, the Dragon Slaying Beast had long since charged forward.

The man’s face immediately turned pale. Though he was unable to move, he still retained his consciousness. He was indeed a really terrifying man. If his demonic beasts had been around him, they would have been able to deflect the opponent’s attacks for him.

Though both of the Super Shield Beasts might be still around, both of their speeds had been significantly reduced. It’s impossible for them to block against the demonic beast.

He has yet to unleash his Sure-kill Heavenly Technique. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have had the chance to do so either.


The man’s head disappeared. It was blasted apart by the Dragon Slaying Beast. And this was with the aid of only the Double Violet Lightning Strike. If it had been a triple or sextruple Violet Lightning Strike. Qing Shui would have been able to kill anyone it struck, on the condition that the Dragon Slaying Beast coordinated with him and that the opponent...

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