AST 1467 - Not happy, yet not too sad. The Five Yang Pill is concocted

Chapter 1467 - Not happy, yet not too sad. The Five Yang Pill is concocted

That was the point of the entire sentence – if it had been in the past, Qing Shui would never have dared to joke about it.

Naturally, Tantai Lingyan was able to see through it. The man was a professional at taking advantage of a situation, but she also felt a bit reluctant to reject him. Hence, she nodded her head.

“Sure, but only occasionally.”

If neither made an effort to crack an occasional joke, their life would  have just been about two people trying to pass time together.

At her response, Qing Shui revealed a happy smile, “Sure, I will come to collect some rice once a day at most. I guarantee it won’t be more than that.”

The woman was rendered speechless at how serious Qing Shui sounded when he spoke, and chose to stay silent. She knew that much of what he said was just a joke so, naturally, she wouldn’t take it too seriously.


Qing Shui returned to his own courtyard. As it turned out, he lived quite near Tantai Lingyan; in fact, they were only two blocks away from each other, and if they both looked out the window at the same time they would be able to see each other.

He felt he had gained a lot from his experience this time. The moment when the woman put the necklace around his neck he was already aware of how she felt for him. But the woman still had another option in mind: to spend her entire...

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