AST 1461 - Battle Technique, Terrifying Strength, They are here

Chapter 1461 - Battle Technique, Terrifying Strength, They are here

There were many places in the continent that followed these customs. This item was something a mother would pass on to the daughter who would pass the item to the man she married in the future. However, this woman clearly didn’t bother to explain the latter part.

Qing Shui stared at the necklace. This was something anhydrogenous, able to be worn by both males and females. Staring at her, he could see gentleness and a large amount of happiness in her gaze. 

“What are you looking at? If you don’t want it, I will just take it back.” That woman placed her hand on the necklace and acted as though she was about to take it away as she spoke.

“No can do. Today, even if I leave my life behind, I have to have this necklace. Come help me. I can't wear this on my own, so help me put this on.” Qing Shui stretched his neck outwards, lowering his head slightly as he laughed.

Although the woman wasn’t as tall as Qing Shui, she could be considered pretty tall too. She was just a head shorter than him and helped Qing Shui wear the necklace.

Her movements were very slow yet very stable. Qing Shui could still sense that she felt a little ill at ease about...

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