AST 1457 - Great Sky Demon Magic, Naughty Finger, Her Smile

Chapter 1457 - Great Sky Demon Magic, Naughty Finger, Her Smile


A loud bang echoed. The attack threw Qing Shui backward. By now, Qing Shui should have been considered quite powerful, yet despite this, the old man still forced him back. This result, however, ignited Qing Shui’s spirit. 

The Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique was very powerful. Even after the old man weakened, he still possessed the Demon Lord King’s Inheritance. He managed to push Qing Shui back with a simple and plain attack. From there, it was clear that the opponent was at least 30% stronger than Qing Shui. 

This meant that, compared to Old Man Lu, this old man’s strength was far superior. The world certainly didn’t lack capable people. The Soaring Dragon Continent was vast and boundless. However, the Greencloud Continent, which supposedly didn’t have any Martial Saints, turned out to have General Manor. Hence, what was visible on the surface was only useful as a  reference. It must not be considered a genuine source. 

Even the Bloody Butcher, Chen Yuanhua was startled. Originally, he did not believe that Qing Shui should be so powerful given his age, even if he had received the Battle God Inheritance. Furthur more, a woman still stood beside him. He was well aware that the woman was a descendant of the Demon Lord.

Just before Qing Shui charged...

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