AST 1455 - The Alliance Between the Three Huge Dynasties, Battle God Halo

Chapter 1455 - The Alliance Between the Three Huge Dynasties, Battle God Halo

The entire battleground quieted down. The only thing that remained in the entire Sky Sun Sect was an empty house. There were also a few loyal Sky Sun Sect disciples who bravely charged towards Qing Shui’s group and attacked them. However, the only thing which awaited them was their demise.

Actually, there wasn’t a lot of people who died in this incident. The only people who died were the few core members of the Sky Sun Sect. Certainly, this wasn’t all of them as there would be others who were not currently in the sect. It was likely that they would leave far far away once they heard news about it. After all, the Sky Sun Sect was now gone.

Their first extermination of a sect could be considered to have gone on quite well. It was just that halfway through the fight, an unforeseen event took place. Without Qing Shui, Tantai Lingyan was bound to get hurt. Even worse, her own very life might even be at risk. The Sure-kill Heavenly Technique was very terrifying. Even after the old man was weakened, it was still so powerful. 

Of course, the Sure-kill Heavenly Techniques were divided into 3 levels; level 3, level 6, and level 9 respectively. The Sure-kill Heavenly Technique that the old man possessed was definitely not ordinary or else, Qing Shui wouldn’t have needed to unleash the ability of the Paragon Golden Armor which enabled him to block a fatal strike once. 

Once the old...

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