AST 1449 - Yan Zhongyue Returns Home, 40 Years Apart, Reunion

Chapter 1449 - Yan Zhongyue Returns Home, 40 Years Apart, Reunion

Afterwards, Qing Shui naturally prepared a sumptuous dinner. The girl was praising the food while she stuffed her face. She was the type that had a way with words to get on the good side of people. Qing Shui could tell that the young girl was spoiled by the entire family.

Qing Shui made many dishes and left them many items. Since he did not have much to do, he used his spare time to conduct acupuncture to nurture the other’s constitution a bit. This way, they could enforce their foundation which could bring long-term benefits to their strength.

Qing Shui even helped the woman. Though on the surface her strength looked like it was similar to Qing Shui’s, she probably would receive the inheritance from the old man, just like Yan Zhongyue. The Battle God Clan was more than ordinary.

This type of Battle God Inheritance, legend says that it was similar to the one Qing Shui had received. At the end, there could only be one person who would receive this inheritance. As expected, this woman was the one who would receive it due to her bloodline.

Typically, inheritance occurs when the person’s lifespan was coming to an end or when the person received a critical injury, buy it could also happen out of normal circumstances. However, once the person passed on their inheritance, there could be a loss in the strength that was being passed on. If the...

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