AST 1448 - 200 Million Sun Strength, An Addition of Three New Siblings

Chapter 1448 - 200 Million Sun Strength, An Addition of Three New Siblings

The old man was happy. Those who could hold the Golden Battle Halberd were ones who had received the Golden Battle God’s Inheritance. Furthermore, they were people who were recognized, this was something that could not be falsified. Hearing Qing Shui’s words, the old man was emotional because he knew that his own inheritance would one day bring back the glory to the Battle God.

During ancient times, the Battle God was once in the light of glory. However, it later declined but it was still an existence that could not be ignored. Each Battle God was a formidable existence, they were the power that could withstand evil.

Qing Shui was a member of the Demon Lord Palace, and also a member of the Evil Powers. Of course, this was just a name given by the others. During his time in the Demon Lord Palace, he could tell that the Demon Lord Palace was definitely not an Evil Power, nor was the Divine Sound Sect. It was just a rumor that had spread too far and it would be too difficult to correct.

In terms of the Divine Beast Sect and Wild Ghost Valley, Qing Shui had no comments. Moreover, the Justice Alliance’s strength was superior compared to the Evil Powers and the divide was very obvious. The Evil Powers would do...

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