AST 1446 - No Survivors, Yan King and His Royal Family

Chapter 1446 - No Survivors, Yan King and His Royal Family

Qing Shui did not expect to reunite with his father so quickly. He was happy, but not excited. Perhaps his father was excited; he must miss a lot of people, and the memories etched into his heart... 

Mother would be elated if she knew, but the top priority at the moment was to free Father from Soaring Dragon's grasp. The Soaring Dragon Organization was the Soaring Dragon Continent's strongest force. However, the current Demon Lord Palace was no weakling either. Facing the Soaring Dragon Organization head-on without the loot from the Ancient Relics would have been impossible. Now that they had gained some power, it was a different story.  

Even though the numbers were impressive in such a large organization, only a few key players were necessary to turn the tide in battle, especially since Qing Shui had already reached this level of strength. 

"Father, is this the so-called way of justice?  It's even worse than the typical evil way. The Soaring Dragon Organization might be strong, but we aren’t weak either," Qing Shui stood up and asked, looking at Yan Zhong Yue. 

Yan Zhonyue hesitated. Based on that...

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