AST 1445 - Memory Recovered, Father and Son Reunited, Obstacles

Chapter 1445 - Memory Recovered, Father and Son Reunited, Obstacles 

The others left, the man was standing some distance away from Qing Shui, seemingly not afraid of being surrounded by Qing Shui's group. 

"They are not here anymore, now you can say whatever it is that you wanted to say to me." The man said eagerly. 

"I'm not sure if your loss of memory was caused by drugs. If you'd let me, I can try healing you. If it really was caused by drugs, I may be able to restore your deepest and most cherished memories. You can think about it." Qing Shui smiled and said. 

The man was taken aback a little. If he had lost his memory due to drugs, why would the Patriarch wipe his memory? Moreover, the Patriarch mentioned before that the memory loss was due to natural causes. If it really was caused by drugs, then nothing more could have been said. 

Qing Shui was sure that the man is Yan Zhongyue, his own father. He had found him way earlier than expected. Well, this was a good thing, after all. 

Seeing him did not make Qing Shui feel especially happy or excited. If it had not been for his mother, he would have forgotten. But now Qing Shui could forgive him because...

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