AST 1444 - Learning the Divine Truth Hearing Technique, He is Yan Zhongyue?

Chapter 1444 - Learning the Divine Truth Hearing Technique, He is Yan Zhongyue?

The effect of the “Angry Egg” was, as its name hinted, to enrage the opponent and lead them to lose their cool. Even though the opponents would be able to tell that something was wrong, they would find themselves unable to keep their cool about it. The situation was precisely the same as when a person insisted on splashing the yolk on you even if it meant they would have to collide the egg against the stone.


Qing Shui spotted the brothers with surname Lu. But at this moment, these two people were looking even more unbearable than ever before. Both of their eyes were as red as if were in a bullfight. The moment when they spotted Qing Shui, they immediately rushed to him.

The gap in strength between Qing Shui and that of the brothers with surname Lu was too big. Qing Shui could have instantly killed them with relative ease. 

While they were on their way charging towards Qing Shui, two old men suddenly appeared and stood in the path of the brothers with surname Lu. They looked at Qing Shui furiously, “Young man, what a ruthless heart you have. Why would you lay hands on the people from Divine Beast Sect? No matter how you look at it, we are still from the same side.”

“A straight person does not resort to insinuations. Stop pretending. I am sure that the both of you must be feeling really happy. Isn’t this kind of outcome precisely what you...

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