AST 1442 - Her Name is Tantai Lingyan, Improvement, Finding Someone Close

Chapter 1442 - Her Name is Tantai Lingyan, Improvement, Finding Someone Close

The unexpected gain was huge. Qing Shui held the Golden Battle Halberd and paid respect to the stone coffin once again. He promised within his heart that he would assist the Battle God to complete his wish.

Carrying the Golden Battle Halberd, Qing Shui walked down. He saw the two girls looking at him, and said with a nod, “I told you guys to open it but you didn’t go. The biggest gain was from there.”

“It was a chance encounter for you, and only suitable for you. Had it been us, maybe there would not have been anything. Inheritance was based on the person, some are suitable, some are not,” the Demon Lord said softly. Afterwards, she took out a Nine Revolution Golden Pellet and Fortune Golden Pellet then handed them to Hua Rumei.

“Use the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet for yourself and the Fortune Pellet for the Ancient Fire Snake. You should use it here as I guard you, then we will head out afterward.”

Hua Rumei did not hesitate with any formalities and directly consumed the pellet, then gave the other pellet to the Ancient Fire Snake.

Once the effect was completed, Hua Rumei could not believe it. She and the Ancient Fire Snake’s strength both doubled. When it came to...

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