Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438 - Goddess Divine Set, Nine stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique, Tyranny  

Looking into the treasure chest, the contents were quite unexpected. It was full of spiritual accessories, but there was only one complete set. There was a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, a snow coat and some snow boots, but nothing else. 

These items were flowing with spiritual energy. Suddenly, Qing Shui noticed the writing beside the stone statue, written in sealed script. 

Divine Goddess Set! 

The words seemed as though they were scorched by lightning. That didn’t matter too much, as they were just some powerful clothes and accessories. Qing Shui then looked at the set with his Heavenly Vision Technique. 

Increases defense five fold. Increases speed five fold and the power of all abilities one fold. 

Such an amazing item already and moreover, all of them could still be evolved. These items were already considered Divine grade, but Qing Shui was not sure which level of the Divine grade they belonged to. 

For example, the clothes had an extra attribute. They could automatically nullify a fatal strike once, but the wearer was required to use his own blood to link with the Spiritual Qi. 

Linking with blood was different...

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