Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437 - Overwhelming Slaughter, The Third Treasure Chest

Was Qing Shui scared when he heard such words? Of course not. After going toe-to-toe with the Stone Beasts here twice, Qing Shui realized that it was so much easier fighting against humans. He was probing the people who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The person leading the group was an old man. He had a fairly common look, yet the aura he emitted felt really elegant. The only thing that had come short was that the words he had said didn’t fit his temperament in the least. 

It has always been emphasized that one’s temperament could only be shown through the way he conversed with others. This man however, without doubt, was considered an exception. This man’s elegance totally faded away as soon as he opened his mouth.

The others were all old men, and they seemed unusually young when they appeared next to Qing Shui and the Demon Lord.

Each of these people were famous figures from Soaring Dragon Continent. Though Qing Shui may not know how many people the Soaring Dragon Organization sent out, he believed that it was very likely that some of the people here were from it. 

“Foolish. Do you think that we will give them to you?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

The old man was stunned upon being scolded by Qing Shui. He soon broke into laughter, however, his laughing noises resembling that of an owl. In just a moment, his eyes turned very sharp, “Brat, you are the first person who actually dared talk to me, Bao Jun, that way. I assure you that I will...

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