Chapter: 1436

Chapter 1436 - Nameless Technique, Divine Truth Hearing Technique, Divine Exploding Door

In total, eleven Portraits of Beauty had appeared. If there were twelve of the portraits, that would mean that he only had one more left to discover. The Eldest Princess, Yehuang Guwu, and Yu He weren’t any inferior to the girls shown on the portraits. Hence, Qing Shui had a feeling that the portrait might only have to do with the twelve types of women or a part of the women available across the world. After all, this was mainly affected by men. But one thing which Qing Shui wouldn’t deny was that these were some of the most perfect women that existed. 

Initially, Qing Shui used to think that the women in the twelve Portraits of Beauty were capable of opening access to the twelve Heavenly Meridians. Although that was true, women that were not in the Portraits of Beauty were able to do so as well.

Qing Shui never expected the day when he would be able to collect all twelve of the Portraits of Beauty would come. He wasn’t sure if the twelve Heavenly Meridians were considered the secrets of the Portraits of Beauty. But that was likely not completely the case. Even for the last remaining Portrait of Beauty, Qing Shui wasn’t sure if it was of someone close to him.

He already had eleven of them. For the last one, he could only rely on his luck. He also didn’t actually feel that eager to find it. 

While looking at the Stone Beast here with the Demon Lord, Qing Shui decided to repeat an old stratagem....

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