Chapter: 1435

Chapter 1435 - The Eleventh Portraits of Beauty, Fatal Strike

The comfortable feeling almost made Qing Shui forget about the treasure box. Luckily, he used his other hand to pull it over forcefully at this moment. The box seemed to have some sort of restriction that could render telekinesis ineffective. Otherwise, they would not be staying here in such a state.

Once they entered the stone door, the Demon Lord immediately broke away from Qing Shui. When she moved away, he could smell her fragrance on his face. Moreover, he could feel that her heartbeat had increased a bit.

Even though his memory within the Crystal Coffin was as clear as day, those memories were not comparable to the present. Thus, the feeling he now had been better than those good memories of the past.

When Qing Shui and the Demon Lord entered the stone door, the three elders suddenly rushed towards them. Moreover, their speed was ridiculously fast. However, at this time, the Demon Lord used the blood-red long sword in her hand and blocked the attack from the opposition.


At the same time, the giant Stone Beast had recovered. The Divine Sense that was given to it was to protect the treasure box and the door behind it. Now that the treasure box was gone and two people had entered the stone door,...

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