Chapter: 1434

Chapter 1434 - Entering The Divine Shrine, Stone Boar Beast, Treasure Box

In an instant, Qing Shui and the Battle God Statue swapped positions. After the swap, Qing Shui directly entered into the middle of the formation. At the same time, the Demon Lord also entered the formation. Both of them were stunned once they were inside.

Ancient Formation!

This was the Ancient Formation? Qing Shui could see that there was fog everywhere. Additionally, there was a heavy killing intent around and an Eight Trigrams drawing at the bottom of the formation. Moreover, Qing Shui saw that within the formation, there was an elder who was struggling inside.

He was not certain what this formation was, but he knew that this was at least a type of trap formation. In terms of killing techniques, it had the Battle God Statue outside. After a while, the struggling elder finally found the door to leave the formation.

Qing Shui observed for a bit and figured it out. If they moved forward more than halfway towards position the formation, the Battle God Statue will give up on attacking. He looked at the Demon Lord and said, “Don’t leave the formation. Move at least one half of the way and wait for me there.”

Suddenly, the Battle God Statue rushed over with the momentum of a stampede!

Nine Palace Step!

Qing Shui’s footwork helped him completely...

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