Chapter: 1432

Chapter 1432 - Battle God Mountain, Battle God Statue, He is the Head of Soaring Dragon?

Under the conditions of restrictions, the items within the Ancient Divine Shrine would be more valuable than those without restrictions. Of course, this was not the absolute. There were the heaven defying items that came from Ancient Divine Shrines that had no restrictions. In general, however, items that came from Ancient Divine Shrines were usually much better even with restrictions.

With the Ancient Fire Snake, moving about in this Ancient Forest was easier than slicing cake. Not only did they save the hassle of risking themselves within the depth of the forest, they could also threaten some unnecessary troublemakers away.

The Demon Lord remained silent as per usual, not taking the initiative to say anything. Qing Shui did not know why she had this type of personality, but this type of personality was the most natural coming from her. A leader of the Demon Lord Palace did not need to say much, which explained Hua Rumei’s importance within the Demon Lord Palace. This entire time, Qing Shui discovered that many things were dealt with by Hua Rumei.

She moved about in the air. Underneath her feet was a cloud shaped item. Qing Shui was not sure whether it was a treasure or an ability....

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