Chapter: 1431

AST 1431 - Not One Left Behind, Ancient Forest, Ancient Fire Snake

Demon Lord Palace had suffered quite bit of damage as well, although it was quite negligible compared to Dragon Palace.

Blood-curdling screeches and battle cries - the scene was certainly lively. Once Qing Shui and crew found a strong martial artist, they would directly kill them. They did not give the opposition a chance to use any Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques. No one was allowed to live.

It was a massacre, a one-sided massacre. This result was unbelievable. Qing Shui knew that the surrounding people could see everything. Just like this, 5000 Dragon Palace members were wiped out. These were all highly skilled martial artists, the core of their forces. These 5000 made up of more than half of the strength of the Dragon Palace, all that remained were 100,000 members that made up the other half. Dragon Palace was waning, and they still had lost even with two dragon tamers. What was even worse for them was that the two dragon tamers were dead.

Qing Shui directly collected all the resources from the Green Dragon. Injuries were unavoidable during battles such as these, and so he took out several medicinal pellets to aid people in their treatment. Many of them recovered quickly, but those that died did not leave behind...

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