Chapter: 1430

Chapter 1430 - Dragon Tamers, Green Dragon, Dragon Slaying Beast Killed the Dragon

Qing Shui’s sharpness has made the people from Dragon Palace drop their spectacles. This was a one-sided battle. The opponents attack didn’t have any effect on him, yet when he faced off against the opponents, it was either they got killed instantly or they were defeated with just a few pokes of his fingers.

Seeing as the situation was against their favor, an old man from behind suddenly extended his hand. Dragon Palace has suffered more than half of their casualties. Even though the majority of them were the weaker warriors, there were still a lot who were False God warriors. A few of the warriors in front were even the tower of strength supporting Dragon Palace. But among these people, there were two who died before they even managed to unleash their Heavenly Sure-kill Techniques.

The old man waved his hand!


A Green Dragon suddenly appeared in the sky. It was a huge dragon about eight hundred metres long. That loud roaring noises of it caused numbness in people’s heart. The appearance of this Green Dragon has caused the people from Dragon Palace to stable down. They were once again flaring with will to fight.

The people from Battle Pavilion panicked as they saw the enormous terrifying Green Dragon. That was a dragon, an extremely powerful existence. It was an existence that was unbeatable. Even the Demon Lord and Hua Rumei who were standing on one side knitted their brows.

“Do we have to make our move?” Hua...

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