Chapter: 1423

Chapter 1423 - Treasure Hunting Pig’s Transformation, Eighth Level Spiritual Medicinal Beast, Dragon Slaying Beast

Qing Shui was stunned. Her weapon was too mystical, demonic and dripping with blood. It filled people with fear.

Devil Slaying Weapon!

Qing Shui distinctly remembered that when Demon Lord pulled out her sword, the Dragon had called it a Devil Slaying Weapon. Among weapons, there were different grades. Apart from the legendary Artifacts and Divine Artifacts, there were Immortal Artifacts, Demonic Artifacts etc. Devil Slaying Weapons were on par with Divine Artifacts.

All Demonic artifacts had demonic natures. People loved and hated them. Those that loved them gained great power, but those that hated them would be betrayed by them. Demonic Artifacts constantly drained a user’s soul. Those who were not strong enough would be controlled by it instead.

On the same note, those who used Demonic Artifacts frequently tended to hunger for death and blood. They became excessively cruel and violent to the point where they would not recognise friends and family, their personality warped beyond belief. Those betrayed by the Artifact showed these signs as well.


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