Chapter: 1420

Chapter 1420 - Entering The Heavenly Dao Again, Realm Of Drawing Breakthrough, First Level Of Drawing Souls

Of course, Qing Shui did not have any objections. It would be best if the Demon Lord could join in as well, but that possibility was low. He did not have any excessive expectations. Even in terms of Hua Rumei, Qing Shui did not expect her to help him in this front in any way.

Hua Rumei could not wait to try her first bite, she kept blinking towards Qing Shui, “The food looked delicious, but only after the first bite were you able to tell that it tastes way beyond what you can imagine.”

Hua Rumei had never thought that a man could have such achievements in cooking, it was definitely a peak existence. Most Imperial Chefs in the World the Nine Continents were normal people or women, there were very few martial artists in this profession. Even if they were good at cooking, they were not this highly skilled. It could be seen that this man was not only innately talented in martial arts, but he was also talented in other areas. He was an existence beyond this world, even she felt ashamed of being inferior. This man was not only an expert in the martial arts, but also in medicine, refining pellets, and cooking. There was nothing he did not know.

Hua Rumei stopped thinking about it and just continued to eat everything...

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