Chapter: 1419

Chapter 1419 - Changes on Frame Of Mind, Another Step Forward, Woman

Qing Shui was shocked at what the Old Turtle said. He already knew that the Old Turtle was not a typical turtle, it had already become a Dragon Turtle. It was an existence that was equivalent to a dragon.

However, Qing Shui did not understand what the Old Turtle meant when it said he didn’t disappoint it.

“Senior you are too courteous, I was naïve and young before,” Qing Shui communicated through his consciousness. As he thought of that time, neither the Demon Lord nor the Old Turtle bothered with him.

Qing Shui was already aware why the Demon Lord had not killed him. Moreover, he could confirm that the reason behind that was due to the Old Turtle. The Old Turtle knew what would happen if he entered, but it still allowed his entry to the Crystal Palace. This had already explained everything.

“No, I was the cause. Mister is also a man of a bitter fate. I have guarded this place for far too long just to wait for fate to bring a person to me, and you are the lucky man. That day, regardless of what happened, your life would not have been harmed.”

“I now understand. I also gained a bit of strength and I want to help her. In the future, we would have to support each other....

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