Chapter: 1415

Chapter 1415 - Qing Shui at a Loss

"I'm all good now, thanks to Qing Shui. Why don't you thank him on my behalf?" said Hua Rumei, holding onto the woman's arm affectionately.

Her action gave Qing Shui quite a surprise. These two definitely have a special relationship. To Qing Shui, even among women, there are few or even none who could hold the woman's arm.

He didn't expect her to start helping him so soon.

When Hua Rumei said that, only then did the woman look towards Qing Shui, but she stayed silent. Then, Hua Rumei said, "Palace lord, I was just cured today, why don't the three of us have a meal together as thanks to Qing Shui. Let's treat it as a celebration for me, I haven't eaten well in years and it's getting unbearable."

Seeing the situation, the old monster took his leave. Hua Rumei courteously persuaded him to stay. Ignoring her, the old man nodded at Qing Shui, and left.

The woman stared at Qing Shui silently, cold and unpredictable as ever. Hua Rumei smiled and said, "Wait for me while I go prepare some food."

Qing Shui was not sure if Hua Rumei...

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