Chapter: 1412

Chapter 1412 - Mystical Gate Formation, Demon Lord Palace’s First Elder

The burly man finally believed Qing Shui’s strength, that was because Qing Shui saw through the fact that his strength was equivalent to that of Eternal Spring’s Second Elder. This observation was better than his own.

“There’s a risk of injury if we fight, brother should be careful.” The burly man was very frank, as he turned towards Qing Shui and said seriously.

“Come!” Qing Shui smiled as he gripped both fists. The burly man was a body strengthening martial artist, his natural talent was also very good. To be able to guard the gates of the Demon Lord Palace, he was not some simple gatekeeper.

A gatekeeper here was many times stronger than the elite martial artists in the imperial palace. They were False God martial artists. Though it sounds derogatory to call them gatekeepers, in reality they were overseeing and protecting this region.

With a strength of 10 million sun, it was more than enough to oversee an area. Thus, Qing Shui did not dare to underestimate this burly man. He looked as though he was quick on his feet but he was also quick to react with his wit.

Eruption Fist!

What the burly man cultivated was fire element category Eruption Fist. Standing on...

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