Chapter: 1408

Chapter 1408 - Qing Sha’s Worry is Gone, Formidable Golden Fragrance Jade

The three elders had an indescribable expression. While they were in agony, they also seemed to be thinking about something.

“Having you guys as a power in the Western Oxhe Continent is really unexpected. Unfortunately, some people were dragged down by their own lineage, but you guys are being dragged down by your own younger generations,” Qing Shui said softly.

“I am sad not because I’m being dragged down by the younger generation, but because I’m watching the younger generation die one by one and I couldn’t do anything about it.” One of the elder sighed and said slowly.

“Those two are the Watermoon Clan’s two daughters. The Watermoon Clan is so fortunate.” The other elder on the side said calmly.

“Father’s greatest failure in life was judging people,” Qing Sha said coldly.

“That’s right, this world does not have faithful people. Friends, siblings, fathers, and sons. Some parents would sacrifice one or two of their children for the good of their other children. Trade-offs are part of human nature and that’s it,” the elder sighed. They didn’t know what he was sighing for.

Human nature was brittle, Qing Shui understood what the elder was saying. A volume of formidable battle technique or a piece of powerful divine weapon could be a clan’s downfall,...

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