Chapter: 1406

AST 1406 - Eldest Daughter of the Watermoon Clan

“Both of you, please come in. What do you need? We have Steamed Swordfish, Trinity Lobster, Braised Sea King Crab……”

When they entered, an enthusiastic man came up to welcome them.

“Just serve us your best dishes!” Qing Shui didn’t bother to listen further. Both of them could eat anything, so he decided to let the waiter serve them a few of their best dishes.

“Alright, please wait for a moment.”

This area was a big hall and Qing Shui intended to stay here because there would be people who ran their mouths with news inside the inn. Regardless of whether this information were correct or not, this place would have a lot of it at least. Qing Shui was accustomed to listening for news whenever he went to an inn.

The service was quick. There were about ten dishes being served onto their table within fifteen minutes. The aroma of the food was perfect. Even Qing Shui, who frequently consumed the food in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, could sense the authenticity of the aroma - it was a cuisine of absolute freshness.

“Have you heard? Someone from the Watermoon Clan is going to take their revenge against Waterwolf Clan.”

At that moment, a voice rang out. Qing Shui had been paying close attention to everything but when he saw Qing Sha shivering, as if she was about to stand up, he quickly extended his hand and held her down. He could see...

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