Chapter: 1402

Chapter 1402 - The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's Breakthrough, Qing Shui's Paragon Tribulation, Strength Increased Explosively

That ferocious aura was really astonishing. Qing Shui could still feel his heart palpitating even now.

This aura was definitely one that only Immortal Demons at the False God realm could have. It made one gasp for breath. Qing Shui felt both astonished and excited.

It had attained a breakthrough. He didn't need to think to know that. He had been hoping for such a long period of time that it would attain a breakthrough but it had shown no signs at all. However, it had unexpectedly attained a breakthrough today, miraculously.

Qing Shui looked at the huge Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant that was still flashing with blue lightning in the sky, occasionally letting out a domineering roar that was like a dragon's and also that of an elephant.

At the same time, many people in the area of the continent's capital had felt this terrifying aura. This ancient aura made their souls tremble anxiously.

It wasn't just Dancing Phoenix Continent's capital. There were even many experts from the Soaring Dragon Continent's capital and the Haohan Continent that had sensed this aura as well. However, with the exception of some people in the Dancing Phoenix Continent, the rest of the people from the different places all thought that another powerful demonic beast...

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