Chapter: 1401

Chapter 1401 - Second Grade Formation Eye Stone, Yehuang Guwu False God Tribulation, Unforeseen Event

This could be considered as being provided help at a time of need. He had been moving back and forth for over a year, each time only bringing one person. The breakthrough now was a huge surprise.

Once he was done refining and smelting the Five Elements Divine Flag, he moved on to smelt and refine other items.

Maybe good things are better when they happen together, the Formation Eye stone also rose in grade. Now the speed and the formation’s power had increased by twofold. This was a twofold increase on top of his own formation power.

He was already happy. The Nine Continents Boots and Formation Eye Stone could enhance Qing Shui’s strength by quite a bit. This represented a battle prowess increase in the Five Elements, even if it did not have a form. At the same time, Qing Shui’s strength had also increased.

Time passed by slowly, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s situation was still the same. Qing Shui had wanted the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to break through so he would have another formidable False God beast fighter. Moreover, it would also mean that Qing Shui’s strength would rise even further.

That way, if Qing Shui decided to leave, he could leave behind a formidable beast. Now that there were old people here, leaving a formidable...

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