Chapter: 1398

Chapter 1398 - Leveling Up Nine Continents Boots Again, Ventriloquism

Qing Shui didn’t eat it. This item was primarily used for skin healing and nourishing and also for retaining youthful appearance. He had no interest in it since it wouldn’t increase his strength. The anti-aging effect would last for a hundred years. Just the worth of this alone was inestimable.

While Qing Shui was trying to assess the value of this Golden Fragrance Jade, he reckoned that the value of its anti-aging effect should worth more than its healing effects. Women were not the only ones who wished to preserve their youthful appearance forever, it was actually the same for men as well.

Humans could never change their skin. They would forever be visual creatures. Even a woman who was as gorgeous as a flower would love to sleep with a strapping young man. Even if an old man with gray hair could be just as great in bed, something was still visually lacking.

Men were totally visual beings. No matter how beautiful a woman was when she was young, by the time their hair had turned gray and the wrinkles became deep like river gorges, a man’s interest would basically wane. Beauty was of utmost importance but age could be easily overlooked in the World of the Nine Continents since the culture here was completely different from his previous world.

Of course, Qing Shui hoped that he could retain...

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