Chapter: 1397

Chapter 1397 - Two Super “Guardians”, Golden Fragrance Jade, Golden Fragrance Jade Fruit

Though the elder was asking, he could already feel the change in his body. He was merely trying to confirm it. Knowing that these two elders were biological brothers that had lived over a thousand years, their familial bond would be deeply rooted. This time the elder who was near the end of his life span had already given up hope, if not for his brother, he would have never found Qing Shui to treat him.

Opportunities usually come to those who put in the time and effort, the silent elder finally collected himself before sighing, “Miraculous Doctor, you are entirely worthy of the title of Miraculous Doctor. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.”

“Older brother, how was it?” The elder could not help but ask again.

“Extended my life span by 800 years, this is unbelievable.” The elder spoke as if he was in a daze, this was unimaginable.

“Ha ha, this is great! Older brother, we do not have any family, nor we have any money or possessions, how can we return the favor to the Miraculous Doctor.” The younger elder thought for a bit before asking the older elder.

“Right, these old bones still have some strength left in them, after journeying for...

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