Chapter: 1395

Chapter 1395 - Fourth Grade Five Elements Divine Flag, Bring One Person Along, Trapped in a Dilemma

Qing Shui was not afraid of massacres, but he did not want to massacre any more than he must. In his previous life, he had laughed when he heard that a man could not help but go with the tide. However, this was exactly how he felt in the current situation. There were so many things that were outside of his control, neither could he hide from these troublesome things. The only road was the one in front of him. It was a dark path that he must walk until the end.

“The strongest in the Left Custodian’s clan is the Left Custodian. From the Left Custodian’s clan, there may not be anyone who comes to cause trouble but the Phoenix Dance Organization may not be so nice,” Yu Yijian said just now.

“Oh, if that is the case, we don’t know if the Phoenix Dance Organization would like to continue to fight?” Qing Shui looked over at Yun Yijian and said with a smile.

“Phoenix Dance had been around for a very long time, normally they would not admit defeat so easily. After all, brother Qing Shui you dented the Phoenix Dance Organization by your lonesome to that degree, in addition to brother Qing’s age, Phoenix Dance Organization will have a hard time giving up on you.” Yun Yijian thought for a while before speaking seriously.

Qing Shui thought for a bit...

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